Select Projects:

1890's Townhouse conversion from multi-family to single family, Landmark District, New York City 

Gut renovation of Landmark District townhouse including new structural steel, expanded footprint, new brickwork, roofs, windows, infrastructure, interiors, elevator, rear yard and roof landscaping

Advise and represent owner on all aspects of the project

Review and assess all plans, change orders, resolve in-field issues and conflicts, negotiate pricing

Oversee and track contracts, design, construction, insurance, workmanship and trades

Translator between all parties: owner, Design Team, GC, architects, engineers, all professionals and trades

Keep all parties on task and maintain excellent working relations between all parties

Design consulting on selection of paint colors, stone, finishes, fabrics, floor coverings, furnishings, lighting, and decorative hardware

Consult on security systems integration, high security safe

Restoration of deteriorated 1890's landmarked façade. Direct selection of restoration specialists, contractors, bidding process, and all work

Prepare systems manuals for owner

Project Consultant, Glass Rooftop Conservatory, Penthouse Duplex, Landmarked Coop Building, Uberto Ltd., New York City

Replace existing Glass Conservatory with new, using existing structure as protection for required work including new in-slab steel, concrete, and waterproofing

Structurally support new conservatory against all wind loads - including uplift -  without touching adjacent water tower and stair bulkhead.

Tweak engineer's structural design and construction sequence to meet strict timing, conservatory fabrication and staging challenges

Partner with GC, engineering and design team to address all issues

Owner’s Representative, DeLorenzo Gallery, New York City

Advise owners and design team, review and advise on design plan improvements

Walk-through with multiple qualified GC's, review bids and advise on contractor selection

Enable construction work to begin by solving months-long impasse between engineer, design team, architect and owner regarding HVAC, engineering, design and code issues

Townhouse in Landmarked District: Owner’s PH Triplex unit and rental units, New York City

Advise Owner on all aspects of building including improvements, maintenance, city mandated inspections and upgrades, insurance and contracts

Develop and administer maintenance program for building’s multiple advanced systems and infrastructure

Assess scope, advise and select specialists and contractors, bid and oversee all work

Ongoing problem solving, diagnostics, repairs, improvements

Restoration of terrace limestone, exterior brickwork and stone foundation, including waterproofing

Private residence, New York City

Design gut kitchen and apartment renovation and upgrade, including integration of large formal dining room with kitchen and butler's pantry, materials, finishes, stone, flooring,  HVAC, fixtures, appliances, hardware, and replacement of windows

Select team, bid project and oversee all work, contracts and insurance requirements

Direct all submissions and relations with Board, Managing Agent and Building Staff

Private residence, New York City

Ask essential questions and challenge assumptions and thinking to create cost effective, timely solutions to design problems such as:

Roof mechanical vibration issues

Complex hidden wall-bed/storage unit

Collapsible, externally vented stove hood

Rudolf Steiner School, Upgrade Kitchen and Cafeteria, New York, NY

Upgrade kitchen and service areas to meet updated NYC DOH codes

Assessed needs, design new layout and systems, select equipment, materials and team to best meet kitchen production and service requirements

Selected and negotiated with vendors and trades, and directed all design and construction work

Completed on-time and on-budget

Dramatically improved experience and functionality, and reduced operation costs

Perfect score upon inspection by the NYC Dept. of Health

Rudolf Steiner School, Multi-year Strategic Gut Renovations of two landmark buildings, New York, NY

Lead multi-year, multi-million dollar strategic gut renovations of two landmarked buildings

Partner with Community to complete annual design development within 6 months, construction during summer annually without relocating or disturbing educational program or community

Oversee contracts, insurance, budgets, selection of professionals and contractors, and the work

Review and correct all plan sets, lead team meetings, review work on site

Deliver on-time-and-on-budget while enhancing the aesthetics, functionality, efficiency and sustainability of the buildings

Maintain excellent relations with employees, constituents, neighbors, architects, engineers and contractors

Karp Resources - Jamestown Properties' Industry City Project, Brooklyn NY

Identify opportunities and provide options, guidance, rationale and overall narrative, concepts, operating models, and relevant information on transport modes and trends for Jamestown Properties’ pitch to NYC EDC to obtain lease of 75 acre contiguous, multi-modal South Brooklyn Marine Terminal (SBMT)

Investigate infrastructure resilience, agriculture, forestry, food and food manufacturing opportunities, trends and synergies to activate SBMT and 6.5 million sq ft Industry City, including interviews with USDA, GrowNYC, NASFT, NY State Agriculture, Farmer’s and Wholesale Market specialists, NYCEDC, Pratt Institute, PANYNJ, and numerous value-added food manufacturers, researchers and specialists.